Kimberley twiNER


    'In these ridiculously serious times,

    seriously ridiculous people

    are crucial to survival.' -


    (Professional Idiot)




























    Come play in clown town...

  • workshop: The clown's body

    Let's get physical!


    A four week laboratory into your playful body! I'm looking for twelve people to form a playful group for four weeks. To investigate 'The Clown's Body'. We will explore levels of play, articulation of thoughts, communicating without speaking, playing to be seen and complicity with a stage friend.


    Clowns must be willing to do anything, to become anything - if that’s where the audience laughs will live. The performing body must be ready to jump into action, be awake and present. Grounded firmly in Le Jeu, and the pleasurable art of game playing, participants will focus on genuine play, NOT acting. We will investigate the mechanics of comic timing - looking at impulse and listening as the basis for this. Also under focus will be the eyes/gaze (the light within the clown’s eyes), and the ever powerful fixed point as key to emphasizing the action. Let’s be light, play and go deeper into what it means for YOU to allow your full glorious clown body and actions to be seen!


    Times: 12:00noon - 4:00pm

    Where: J Studios, 100 Barkly St, Fitzroy North VIC 3068

    Dates: Sunday 29th April, Sunday 6th May, Sunday 13th May, Sunday 20th May

    Cost: $150.00


    Full attendance is preferred to build a sense of ensemble.


    Who: Suitable for beginners and people with some clowning under their belt.


    Future: Kimberley will be directing a brand spankin' new clown show within the next twelve months so if you've ever dreamed of devising and performing in a clown show consider this a good entry way into the project!


    Kimberley Twiner is a Skitch, Gaulier, Bolton and Fusetti trained physical comedian. She is founder of award winning (Original New Circus Award - Melb Fringe 2017) queer comedy ensemble ‘PO PO MO CO’. She is also director of award winning (Best Comedy - Melb Fringe 2017) clown comedy trio The Travelling Sisters and New Zealand troupe 'The baby Girls'. She has been training in clown for ten years, and is deeply interested in the state of physical play required for full blown clown freedom. Kimberley produces Melbourne workshops for international and national masters of clown such as Clare Bartholemew, Deanna Fleysher and Giovanni Fusetti.

  • the shows

    Original comedy since 2012







    Kimberley Twiner & Lily Fish

    'Flawlessly executed physical comedy.' - Stage Whispers


    'What's striking about their work is their ability to make physical comedy so precise.' - Arts Review


    Clown comedy.


    La Mama Theatre

    Midsumma Festival 2018


    Devised with Giovanni Fusetti.

    Outside Eye by Steph Kehoe.


    PO PO MO CO present 'Nofer-ARSE-tu'


    'A no holds barred celebration of the troupe's signature physicality and out-and-out oddities.' - Popculture-y


    Adult pantomine, melodrama & ass puppetry.


    Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017

    Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017

    Woodford Folk Festival 2017


    Devised work.


    PO PO MO CO present 'Recreation and Leisure'


    WINNER 'Original New Circus' Melbourne Fringe 2017

    NOMINATED 'Best Comedy' Melbourne Fringe 2017



    'Poingantly the worst queer nightmare of the Australian Christian Lobby.' - Theatrepeople.com


    Melbourne Comedy Festival 2017

    Melbourne Fringe 2017


    Devised work.

    Directed by Liz Skitch.



    (Post Post Modern Comedy)

    Kimberley Twiner & Ensemble

    'Queer as comedy. Shamelessly theatrical and polished stupidity.'


    Neo-vaudeville, character comedy, sketch, drag & clown.


    Monthly shows 2016

    Midsumma Fest 2016

    Melbourne Fringe 2016

    Perth Fringe World 2017


    Devised work.


    The Intensive Intensive Intensive

    Kimberley Twiner

    'Stella Luhrmann presents a life changing theatre workshop.'


    Character comedy/interactive parody theatre workshop.


    Melbourne Fringe 2016


    Directed by Liz Skitch.


    The Baby Girls

    Kimberley Twiner, Freya Boyle, Angela Fouhy, Elle Wootten

    'The U.K. pop group changing the world one community workshop at a time.'


    Character comedy & sketch.


    Melbourne Fringe 2015


    Devised work.



    Kimberley Twiner

    'The cave-clown warrior love child of Cher & Encino Man.'


    Character comedy, clown, interactive.


    Edinburgh Fringe 2014

    Melbourne Fringe 2014

    Funny Babe Fest 2015

    Seven Sisters Fest 2015

    London Clown Fest 2016

    Cafe Haratzi, Cyrpus 2016


    Directed by Liz Skitch.


    Solo Act: Part One: 1+1=1...?

    Kimberley Twiner

    'What happens when your comedy partner leaves the duo?'


    Clown comedy.


    Melbourne Fringe 2013

    Cabaret Populaire, Paris 2014


    Directed by Liz Skitch.


    Givin' A Bit of Lip

    Libby & Kimberley

    'Better than The Seekers Farewell tour.'


    Character comedy & sketch.


    Adelaide Fringe 2013


    Directed by Bridget Boyle.

  • directing:

    curious and obessed with physical comedy

    Available to direct shows, co-devise new projects, attend work-in-progress showings and give physical comedy feedback.
    Interested in working with female identifying and queer performers, committed or curious clowns or idiots interested in theatre.

    The Travelling Sisters


    Winners 'BEST COMEDY' Melbourne Fringe 2017

    Winners 'NEW ZEALAND TOUR READY' Melbourne Fringe 2017

    Nominated 'BEST NEWCOMER' Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017


    'Gleefully anarchic... Indisputable charm.' - Theatrescenes NZ

    'Each micro expression, each awkwardly held silence, each contortion of body language, was flippin' hilarious.' - Afterywork.com

  • about

    Comedy is the game.





    Clown. Physical Comedian. Teacher. Director.

    Kimberley is a clown, physical comedian, teacher and director based in Melbourne. Passionate about contemporary clown and ferocious physical comedy, Kimberley has full belief in the power of 'the stupid'.


    Kimberley can be seen performing and devising debauched queer comedy on a monthly basis with her ensemble PO PO MO CO (Post Post Modern Comedy). PO PO MO CO is an assemblage of risky, off the wall collaborative physical comedians.


    Kimberley has taught clown for the Melbourne Community Clown Troupe at Westside Circus and Laugh Masters Academy. She is a core teacher at Gaggle, an all-day workshop series in stand up, clowning and improv comedy for female and identifying/non-binary folks.


    Trained in clown by her long term mentor Liz Skitch, she has completed training at Ecole Philippe Gaulier and John Bolton Theatre School.


    (All website image credits: Nayt Housman)